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Magno Artist Alliance Project (MAAP)


An exploration of the Realism and the Avant-garde, a Live Theatre Evolution. 


MAAPshowseries was conceived by ALEX MAGNO to provide a creatively platform for artists and performers to explore the deepest complexities of human emotion through movement, music and multi-media in a live experiential happening. 


We foster the gifted talents of seasoned professionals and new artists alike, and curate their expression into electrifying live events.   

MAAP creates the atmosphere for the exploration of unbridled artistry.  MAAP is not just about music, dance, film, plays, fashion, or visual art, it is a platform for the human condition and the social issues that bind our society.  We celebrate artistic communication in order to break the expected boundaries of gender, language, and social stigmas, offer unexpected alternatives for new ways of thought.


"Body, Mind & Soul of ART" is the first show in the MAAP show series.

The show was created under Magno's uncanny ability to mix ART, MUSIC, DRAMA and DANCE in a timeless, unique, provocative commercial and viable way. 



Will feature a new show every 2 to 3 months, created by ALEXANDRE MAGNO and the ("MAAP show series" CAST). 




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