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THE Body, Mind & Soul of ART

“A Live Music & Dance Art-UnPlugged show”

“The Body, Mind & Soul of ART is a Live Music and Dance “Art Unplugged show” An exploration of the Realism and the Avant-garde, a Live Theatre Evolution; Sensual, Dramatic, Romantic, Cool, Dynamic, Electrifying, filled with Magno's Unique Latin Fused Choreography... a fusion of cultures, music, dance, art, fashion, photograph, film and poetry.  “The Body, Mind & Soul of ART” is the first show in the MAAP show series.


“The Body, Mind & Soul of ART” 

consist of approximately one hour, plus and additional 15 minutes intermission.  

The show is based on the trinity of man, Body, Mind and Soul; each segment incorporates and highlights the different layers of ART.


ACT 1 (The Body/The Dancer) 

This segment opens with an cinematic acapella version of "Feeling Good" by ANTHONY NEWLEY and LESLIE BRICUSSE mixed with an original POEM written by CHARLIE SCHMIDT. Inspired by the black and white keys of a Piano, we use this as a visual metaphor to illustrate the synergy of opposite forces. 

Even though the keys are different in color and tonalities, both keys need complement each other to create the perfect MUSIC, the perfect HARMONY, and so it is in LIFE; The Sun and The Moon, Love and Hate, The Yin and the Yan…) Other songs included in this section: "Morning Bird" by SADE ADU, ANDREW HALE, and STUART MATHEWMAN, "You and Me" by MOORE, ALECIA / GREEN, DALLAS, and ends with two new Magno's music arrangement of "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle - Habanera - CARMEN" by BIZET, and a hot  "Latin/Fosse style piece, with a Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller Under Tone" "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot me Down)" by SONNY BONO, the song was translated and sang in spanish .


ACT 2 (The Mind/The Musician)

This segment starts with (3 south american Iconic songs (An Homage to Latin American): "Gracias A La Vida" by Merceds Sosa, and 2 Classic Argentinian songs); "Libertango" by the great ASTOR PIAZOLLA and "Los Hermanos" by ATAHUALPA YUPANQUI. 


ACT 3 (The Soul/The Singer) Multiple colors (the rainbow)

This act begins with a (BEATLE MEDLEY (Including: 

"Girl," "Something", "While My Guitar Gentley Weeps," and ends with "Come Together")

The music performance, is echoed by small dance vignettes which  embody MUSIC. 

The (BEATLE MEDLEY) is followed by a violin solo transition performance of "Concierto De Aranjuez", by JOAQUÍN RODRIGO, that leads us into an homage to 3 different iconic Italian songs, all arranged with Magno's "Latin American flair":

(“Un Bacio É Troppo Poco” by ANTONIO AMURRI and BRUNNO CANFORA, “Dio Come Ti Amo" by DOMENICO MODUGNO, and a  "Carusso" by LUCIO DALLA) Sang in 3 different languages; Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

This MEDLEY builds up into a big Latin Finale Production number

(celebrating life). Songs featured in this section icludes: "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" By CELIA CRUZ, SERGIO GEORGE and VICTOR DANIEL, and "Assassin's Tango" by JOHN POWEL.


The show ends with a reprise of CHARLIE SCHMIDT'S Opening POEM mixed with a WORLD MEGA MUSIC MIX-MEDLEY "Tangana Da Paixões" (incorporating different styles of music and rhythm; Flamenco, African Cuban, Middle Eastern, Tango, Samba, and Pop Music) This section features small sections of the following songs: "Canto Do Mar" by TRINDADE, FERRER / BRITO FREDERICO,

"Maracatu Atomico" by NELSON JACOBINA and JORGE MAUTNER, and "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin" by MICHAEL JACKSON. This section brings the trinity of man together (Body, Mind and Soul).  

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